Chanel bag the source of the originality of secret

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Not long ago, we came to Shanghai, has witnessed the Chanel production process. This time the Chanel 2.55 full display the entire production process, and each will process with static form the semi-finished products spread before us, for we uncover Chanel 2.55 of this rich legend classic of handbags manufacture process. A 3 microns gold-plated purse should not only after six crew production, and each a chanel handbags are screening at the top of the leather, after cutting, spell group, sewing snap-down scalloped flaps, flip stereotypes, enchase etc after more than 180 way rigorous production working procedure, lasted 18 hours to make a final present in our eyes of a new chanel 2.55 for handbags.


cheap bags has far more than is one thing, but the important thing in life deserve to go traveling, is part of the journey. The important work or Ms chanel earlier than others realized with daily life handbag close relation, so in 1955 February design ", and has since become 2.55 "palace of fashionable bound works. Today, the chanel launched seven year handbag series, constantly, from classical series to rich and changeful design, species october-december quarter.


Since 1983 Karl gulag since ophir, handbags anytime in plays an important role FanMao skins from skins to paint, tweed to denim, gold and silver lines knitting patterns from cigarette case, expected to weave to large handbag, exquisite small bag to random knitting up, as he said: "clever use traditional, sometimes add lively humor, just let the important factors brand exuberant."


Treasure house handbag

The 2.55 handbags chain belt and rhombohedrons case grain has become a brand two classic markers. Cortical and wooden fine set worker, filar satin printing, tweed or leather the teamed with a metal rivets, soft sheepskin, classical cream-colored or attractive pink, chanel handbags in shape, material and colour and lustre constantly strive to innovation. Each season, Karl gulag ophir, make everybody all break through classic, he designed the surprise, whose handbag is the classic chanel brand features, but probably the innovation.

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Chanel bag the source of the originality of secret

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This article was published on 2011/04/09