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Chanel was born poor in a hospice yard, down at sisters after her birth, she was trapped in this situation that the mother apparently is clueless, and even her name on the birth certificate were wrong spelled it "Chasnel . " In view of Chanel (Chanel) component of the name of the eternal, the error due to the effect caused by careless irony of events, even on today's perspective, is also a major interest discusses.

"When a person decides to get ahead, not the membership membership Nobody did, he would go to a lot less grief."

The reason why there are impulses to the above aphorisms like a perfect 2.55 Chanel handbag chain, like in there, just because I hope you can grovel under which this epigram will not ask too many questions. Available in February 1955 of this hand-bag (the name of the resulting 2.55) is expensive, and it also can hold your wallet, keys and lipstick in addition, you can not expect it to hold more things. Even so prescient Chanel who also never imagined that one day there will be so, ladies and even a small bag and set aside some space to the mobile phone.

This aphorism is that the kind of looks like Chanel casual, perverse, then, there is no doubt that she knows "is easier said than done" does not apply to her. But she actually mean? When she decided not to continue her dance career when the coffee shop, or, more importantly, when she give up a respectable growth in the monastery (and want to marry a shop owner or, as her uncle as the train station) of the simple girl, she dropped what exactly is it sorrow? We can see some things are obvious - she no longer have to worry about:

a) She does not sing well to sing this fact;

b) She has no talent show;

c) was seen as a decent, dignified and marry a virgin will be boring in general;

d) to do the "perfect woman."

I wish I could erase the last of this one, "sorrow" - which in the 19th century, if not something to worry about, that is the last century to worry about things. Chanel is eternal - of course, also the totem of the same - so we tend to forget that she actually was born in 1883, it was a "house angel" like the works of the era of rampant everywhere. "Perfect woman" (that is, the "perfect wife") first appeared in a Tree by the UNESCO in 1854 Patmore stupid poetry writing, and then was modified in 1862, the last in 1931 in Virginia Woolf's works, "Eternal" (which "she is extremely pleasant, and she very attractive, she was completely selfless. her family life in the difficult art of expression is also extraordinary, and she will make sacrifices every day. if only a chicken in there, she would take chicken, if the burst Guotang Feng blowing, she would not avoid the ... ... the most important thing is, she is pure. "). Then recently, and was writer and editor Casey Hanna Er in her collection of essays, "cabin in the Jianfu" repeatedly mentioned; this collection are selections of articles written in the ladies, they still have to today The same old problem struggling - In order to get a happy marriage, a woman is actually more than that to remain perfect? I really do this more simplified this collection, but it really is, the main points of this collection.

I realized that I was to expose an old problem, and when the stockings invented, we had originally thought that this problem has been solved. But this one on how to maintain a perfect, how to ensure that we look at people's eyes kind of question is actually an angel elephant in the living room - no one saw it, but no one will talk about it. In the past few years, the monthly "Redbook" magazine, Q & A column, I will answer the four questions every month are various relationships, work and money-related issues. These kinds of problems have one thing in common: that is, to ask questions of these people do not know how to tell her husband, her best friend, her sister, her mother or her boss, she will be to do something or she will not do something, or is it they need to do something or need to stop and not do something, but at the same time does not behave like Jianfu. Some of these issues are really very vexing. The answer came to me for those who bear a huge burden, and the lovely losers they married, they are a dual roles, they also seek graduate school at night, their children have problems, their health is also problematic , they still have debt. They are really struggling, and most of the time, that they appeared eager to change in life is entirely reasonable. However, they always want to know how to not annoy other people in the case of solving their own problems. They care about to keep warm kind.

But Chanel did not care, she did not care to maintain the so-called perfect, and she would follow her for their own established rules of the game, the other rules of the game, she Yigaibuli. Her reckless, aggressive write is due to some special cases, or benefited from her talent (not able to confidently draw a perfect circle of Picasso, Chanel's talent can not so easy to appear), or from some of the advantages she has and, if so described is indeed tempting, but can she actually does not rely on these things. She has all that you can only imagine the distress; her childhood is the peacefulness of country music's version of the West, she is the only missing a dead dog and a serious illness can make life barren.

In central France, an unknown town called Saumur, the Chanel was born poor in a hospice courtyard, her parents Jeanne and Henry De Wole Albert Chanel and not married - in that era, such things ruin
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Chanel: I Have Called "chasnel"

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This article was published on 2010/12/11